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We produce and sell solid silver jewellery and objects of vertu based on Iron Age, Bronze Age and Dark Age pieces and many other items featuring Pagan Gods, beliefs and mythology.

We also make more mainstream items of jewellery using ancient techniques to demonstrate the versatility and practicality of these techniques.


We also handmake certain types of chains to order including Viking Weave and true Chain Maille types in Byzantine, Persian, Box and Medieval Foxtail. We keep a small variety of these handmade chains in stock for immediate purchase but also make them according to your individual specifications. Close ratio chains are a speciality. A close ratio Chain Maille Box chain is shown. 

Pagan Silver Chain Maille Box Chain

A close ratio Chain Maille Box chain in solid sterling silver handmade by us to order.

Pagan Silver Gundestrup Cauldron Pendant

The God of Gundestrup Cauldron in pendant form in solid sterling silver. The basis for this is the largest known example of European Iron Age silver work.

Our items are made by hand using methods as close as we can to those used by ancient Silversmiths to ( safely ) produce items as ' one off pieces ' or low production runs.


We work in Solid Sterling Silver (.925), Solid Fine Silver (.999) and other precious metals by arrangement. All gems used by us are genuine. Some items such as the God of Gundestrup Cauldron pendant featured are based on original and ancient pieces, many of which are on display in museums.


We can also make exact replicas of ancient artefacts such as the 10th Century Thor's Hammer or the Late Bronze Age / Early Iron Age Ribbon Torc shown below.


At times, we use the influence of the designs of Jonas Lau Markussen to produce items in the various ancient styles of Oseberg, Borre, Jellinge, Mammen, Ringerike and Urnes.

We sometimes offer a small range of Christian influenced items to reflect historic crossover periods usually with a heavy Celtic or part integrated appearance.


Please click on the various buttons and links or the menu on mobile versions to find out more about us, our special commissions, our silver items in stock for immediate purchase as well as details of how to contact us should you have any questions.


All items made by Pagan Silver will be fully hallmarked by Goldsmith's Hall, London Assay unless they are exempt in which case we mark them ourselves with the appropriate fineness e.g. .925, .999. We do offer some items for sale which are produced by European artisans and these will bear International Convention or purity marks and they will not bear our makers mark.





Original 10th Century Thor's Hammer

Original 10th Century Inscribed Thor's Hammer

Pagan Silver 22ct Gold Ribbon Torc Late Bronze Age / Early Iron Age

A late Bronze Age / Early Iron Age Ribbon Torc in 22ct Gold made by us.

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