Handmade Neck and Wrist Chains


Pagan Silver handmake certain types of chains to order including Viking Weave and true Chain Maille types in Byzantine, Persian, Box and Medieval Foxtail. We keep a small variety of these handmade chains in stock for immediate purchase but also make them according to your individual specifications.

Pagan Silver handmade chains

Some of our handmade sterling silver chains, featuring, from left to right :- Byzantine in light, medium and heavyweight, Box, Persian, Viking Double Knit, Viking Triple Knit and Medieval Foxtail. The most time consuming and expensive are the chains on the right .

The Chain Maille chains we make tend to be constructed using a very close ' aspect ratio '. This is the name given to the ratio of the inner diameter of each ring to it's wire cross section. Depending on the pattern of chain, there are ratios you cannot go below as the chain becomes imposssible to make. Pictured immediately below left is a Chain Maille Box Chain with an aspect ratio of 3.84. If this was any smaller, the chain would not bend at all and it is therefore the lowest ratio you can have for this type of chain.  Below centre is a Full Persian Chain Maille pattern with an aspect ratio of about 5 which optimises the appearance of the pattern but keeps the chain flexible. Below right is a Byzantine Chain Maille pattern chain with an aspect ratio of 3.33. This is as tight a ratio as is possible for Byzantine weave whilst ensuring the chain remains flexible enough to wear. All of them, I think you will agree are spectacular to look at.

Pagan Silver Chain Maille Box Chain

Box Style Chain Maille chain with 3.84 aspect ratio in sterling silver.

Pagan Silver Persian Chain Maille Chain

Full Persian Style Chain Maille chain with 5.0 aspect ratio in sterling silver.

Pagan Silver Byzantine Chain Maille Chain

Byzantine Style Chain Maille chain with 3.33 aspect ratio in sterling silver.

We do keep a small number of these handmade chains in stock for immediate purchase but most often, make them to order to your individual specifications.

They can be made to any length you specify and as heavy or light as you wish. They can be made with our usual handmade hook style clasps or supplied ' endless ' that is to say as a continuous chain which is put on or off over the head for example without the need to fasten a clasp. They can also be supplied in ' Chain of Office ' form with terminals to suspend a pendant or amulet such as the Viking Weave Chain with Thor's Hammer shown below.

Pagan Silver complete Viking Weave necklace with Thor's Hammer in Sterling Silver

Viking Weave Chain with Beast Terminals suspending a Thor's Hammer

Pagan Silver Viking Weave Chain 'in the raw'

Viking Weave Chain ' in the raw ' before finishing with terminals etc. This chain took over 100 feet of wire and many hours of work to produce a 32 inch length. This was destined for a 'Chain of Office' type piece, finished endless to be put on and off over the head.

The majority of our chains are made using Sterling Silver (.925), but we will work in other precious metals by arrangement.

By definition, a handmade chain will cost far more than a mass or machine produced item but we think our prices are reasonable given the amount of work involved.

In the event that the specific size or gauge you require is not in stock, we can usually undertake to make one to your exact specifications within 7 days of an order being placed.

To browse our range of handmade chains available for immediate purchase, please visit our online shop using the links on this page and if you can't find exactly what you want, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.