Terms & Conditions

Pagan Silver is the trading name of Pagan Silver LTD.

Pagan Silver LTD is registered as a limited company in England and Wales.

Company Registration Number 11903884.

VAT Registration Number 332 8662 93.

The registered office address of Pagan Silver LTD is :-

82 Bridge Farm Road,


East Sussex,

United Kingdom

TN22 5HQ

Tel :- UK 07585701577

Pagan Silver Terms and Conditions are as follows :-


Payment, Currency, Account Details etc


1. All prices are in GBP ( British Pounds Sterling ) and we only accept payment in that currency by credit card or debit card via the Stripe portal ( where you can use your bank accounts, Visa, Master or Amex cards to pay ), deposit into our UK Barclays Bank Account by internet, wire or direct deposit or by cash or cheque sent to our registered address. We do not have retail premises and we do not engage in any face to face financial transactions.


2. Our Stripe E mail address in respect of payments made via the Stripe portal is


     This address will be automatically filled in for you when using the Stripe system so be suspicious of being asked to send money to a different E mail address.


3. Our bank account in respect of Internet payment, wire payment or direct deposit is

Bank :- Barclays Bank PLC
A/C Name :- Pagan Silver
A/C Number :- 13661083
A/C Sort Code :- 20-88-13
IBAN Number :- GB82BUKB20881313661083

If making payment into our bank account, you MUST include your name to enable us to tie your payment to the relevant order.

If paying by cheque etc, please make your cheque payable to Pagan Silver and send to :-
Pagan Silver LTD
82 Bridge Farm Road
East Sussex
United Kingdom
TN22 5HQ


4. Payments made into any account ( s ), persons or addresses other than those specified and published by us at 2 and 3 above in these terms and conditions will not be recognised.


5. We will never ask you to provide credit card details as we cannot process such payments other than through Stripe.


Materials Used and Hallmarking


6. All materials used by us to produce jewellery and other objects will have their precious metal content stated in both common terms and numerical purity e.g. Sterling Silver ( .925 ) and Fine Silver ( .999 ). The level of purity will be clearly shown against each item advertised for sale by us.


7. Pagan Silver work primarily in Sterling Silver ( .925 ) and Fine Silver ( .999 ) but will, by arrangement and through our Special Commissions process work in other materials as required e.g. Solid Gold of varying purities ( .375; .585; .750 etc ).


8. As we are based in the UK, we are bound by UK Hallmarking laws where items over a certain weight MUST be hallmarked. As such, we are registered with Goldsmith's Company Assay Office in London. The weight limits for items vary depending on the materials they are made from. Consequently, we will only sell items bearing full UK Hallmarks, International Convention Marks ( where supplied to us from outside of the UK ) or .925 , .999 etc stamps where they fall below hallmark mandatory requirements.


9. We warranty ALL of our items to be at least the purity stated or we will guarantee to refund your money in full PROVIDED that any item where purity is disputed is retuned to us intact and no more than 1 % of it's supplied weight has been removed e.g. if you have had it privately assayed.


Special Commissions


10. We will undertake ' Special Commissions ' to produce items specified by customers but we make it clear that conditions 11 to 14 inclusive in these Terms and Conditions will be rigidly applied and adhered to WITHOUT EXCEPTION.


11. In the event that a customer requests a unique or bespoke design, we will undertake to produce a specimen in wax or other suitable material. Once finished, the customer will be able to agree or turn down the specimen design. In the event that the design is turned down, we will retain the piece for our archives and we will retain copyright of any such item.


12. Where a ' Special Commission ' is accepted and the design approved, we will provide an estimate of the weight of materials required to produce the item or items and we will require the materials to be paid for IN ADVANCE of producing the finished article ( s ). We will at that stage also provide a price for the finished article ( s ). We will not proceed any further unless or until the figures we provide are agreed and accepted and the materials paid for.

12. (a). Ribbon Torcs. Due to the method of production of Ribbon Torcs ( of the type known as 'Belfast Torcs' ), the labour involved is significant. Each piece will take between 150 and 200 hours of skilled labour to produce, depending on specification. An estimate of the labour costs will be provided at the commissioning stage and we will require payment of 50% of the estimated labour cost IN ADVANCE and in addition to the materials cost described at 12 above. This advance deposit in respect of the labour required to produce a Ribbon Torc IS NON REFUNDABLE. The balance of payment in respect of labour costs are expected on completion of the piece.


13. Such materials as mentioned in 12 above in these Terms and Conditions will be purchased by us ( Pagan Silver ) from recognised precious metal suppliers. The cost of these materials may be significantly greater than the scrap value or bullion value. We have no control over these costs and we will generally not accept materials supplied to us by the person requesting the Special Commission ( * ) as we require all materials we use to be certified to the relevant assay standard. (* Materials will be accepted from the person requesting the Special Commission provided the customer agrees to the submission of the materials for Assay prior to Pagan Silver commencing work with them. Assay costs of raw materials are not insignificant and again, will necessitate payment IN ADVANCE ).


14. In the event that the final piece or pieces is or are not paid for at the price agreed at 12 above in these Terms and Conditions, the materials purchased by us will become the property of Pagan Silver.


Postage and Packing, Shipping etc


15. Pagan Silver use Royal Mail services to send items both within the UK and also Worldwide. The costs of these services are stated on this website and are in addition to the prices displayed for each article. Where purchase and payment are completed online, these charges will be fully shown and confirmed at checkout.


16. Precious metal items sent within the UK are sent fully insured by Royal Mail Special Delivery.


17. Precious metal items sent Worldwide will be sent by Royal Mail International Signed and Tracked ( where available ). Precious metal items cannot be insured by this or any other service ( I don't care what they say, if you read the relevant exclusions list of ALL major couriers, they exclude items made wholly or mainly from precious metal which all of ours are ). A fully tracked and signed for service is therefore the best available option BUT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS AT YOUR RISK and no refunds will be given for loss or damage incurred through International shipping.


18. Unless otherwise stated, all Pagan Silver items are supplied in soft pouches ( material varies ).


19. All packaging used is designed to minimise weight whilst providing adequaute protection to the contents.


20. Customs labels will be attached and completed as required. Pagan Silver is not responsible or liable for any costs or charges e.g. Import Duty, applied by your Customs or Postal Authorities.


Differences and Discrepancies


21. Pagan Silver produce everything by hand, finish everything by hand and we do not mass produce. Therefore, there will always by variation between individual pieces. These differences may be reflected in weight, finish or both. We do try our best to produce items as closely as possible to the advertised specification, but to preserve the unique nature of our work, there will always be some differences.


Delivery and Delays


22. Many of our items are produced to order and not held in stock. Therefore, there may be a delay between placing your order and receiving your goods. We aim to deliver to you within 28 days of you placing your order, but delivery timescales to overseas addresses are out of our hands as are delays during the Hallmarking process.




23. We warranty ALL of our items to be at least the purity stated or we will guarantee to refund your money in full PROVIDED that any item where purity is disputed is retuned to us intact and no more than 1 % of it's supplied weight has been removed e.g. if you have had it privately assayed.


24. If you are otherwise not entirely satisfied with your purchase, then we will undertake to return your purchase price MINUS the charge for Postage and Packing. Additionally, you, the purchaser are responsible for costs associated with returning the item(s) to us.


25. Notwithstanding potential Assay discrepancies as per condition 23 above, in order to qualify for a refund after return, the item(s) must be returned to us in saleable condition as all items are checked for quality prior to dispatch.


26. Damage or loss which occurs during the delivery process is covered within the UK by full Royal Mail insurance. As mentioned in item 17 above, Worldwide shipping of precious metal items is precluded from insurance and is therefore at your risk.


Customs Duty or Other Charges ( Import or Otherwise ).


27. Pagan Silver accept no responsibility whatsoever for any charges imposed by Customs Authorities ( or similar ) anywhere in respect of any item(s) we have sent. We will not pay them and in the event an attempt is made to assign the liability to us, we will forward these Terms and Conditions to the relevant Authority.


28. We will always accurately declare the value of packages we send. To do otherwise is against the law so please do not ask us to do so.